U.S. company invites for 2024 Luanda International Fair (FILDA) in Luanda, Angola

The U.S. Embassy to Angola and Sao Tome and Principe is promoting the 39th edition of the Luanda International Fair (FILDA) for U.S. companies from July 23-28, 2024. FILDA is a unique opportunity to showcase U.S. economie, social, and technological contributions to Angola's national goals, and highlight growing U.S.-Angola commercial relations. This year's theme is U.S.-/Ingola Partnership: Engaging in a Newer, Higher Level for the Future.

FILDA is the largest multi-sectoral Expo in Angola aimed at encouraging investment and forging new economic partnerships.  Last year, FILDA welcomed more than 32,000 visitors, and featured over 600 exhibitors from 15 countries. During FILDA, the U.S. Embassy will staff a booth providing information on different Embassy programs. This booth will also be the entry point to the "USA Pavilion," which will house most of the U.S. companies with booths in FILDA's exhibition hall. To this end, we are asking your company, as a key member of this business community, to consider purchasing FILDA booth space and setting up in the USA Pavilion area. We want to make the American presence at FILDA the biggest showing yet.

In addition, the U.S. Embassy will organize "America Day" on Friday, July 26 featuring a symposium consisting of panel discussions, seminars, and workshops aimed to showcase U.S. government commitment and investment in the Angolan economy and U.S. corporate social responsibility impact.

Keynote speakers for the symposium include Ambassador Tulinabo Mushingi and Dr. Jose de Lima Massano, Minister of State for Economic Coordination (invited). To support this endeavor, please plan on attending and inviting your Angolan counterparts to attend the "America Day" U.S.-Angola Business Forum.

Finally, we are asking American companies to consider speaking and being a part of "America Day." These "Boa Empresa" sessions will be used to highlight U.S. corporate social responsibility impact in Angola. For these sessions, we are asking speakers to discuss your company's contributions to promote two-way trade and Angolan economic social and market success.

To summarize, we need your help and your participation. Whether it is deciding to purchase FILDA booth space, speaking during "America Day," or inviting counterparts and being in the audience during the "America Day" U.S.-Angola Business Forum, we need American companies to step up, show up, and be a part of this endeavor.

For more information about the U.S. Embassy's plan for FILDA, to coordinate your booth in the USA Pavilion, and/or participate in the "America Day" program, please contact Commercial Specialist, Manuel Cafala at manuel.cafala@trade.gov or +244 932-572-530. He will provide you with the necessary information and connect you directly with FILDA organizers to get involved.